To Whom it may concern
Subject: Recreation Dept.
From: Anthony B.

I would like it known that Sheila and the recreation department are an asset to your operation, You are very fortunate to have then in your employ. I would also like it known that Sheila and Carrol started a recreation class called Poetry Class with the residents. This class was very enlightening to the residents about their life’s dreams and memories in which I learned a lot.

Respectfully yours,
Anthony B.

April 30th
To: Directors of DT, PT and Nursing
RE: Commendation of Staff
| would like to commend several members of your staff for “”going the extra mile”” and doing their jobs very well As a nurse (for 30 years) and now a patient, I recognize extra effort when it is made eg: for kindness, efficiency, professionalism and courtesy in the caring and treatment of the patient.
The following staff has shown such behavior:
Vinda V. OT
Ursula S. PT
Sharif H. PT
Marie F. RN
Nancy F, CSW
The recreation Department

Very truly yours,
Shelly M.

July 23rd
Ms. Daphne D Admissions Director
Hempstead Park Nursing Home
Re: Doris K. Room 342

Dear Daphne,
This letter is long overdue and I truly apologize for it’s lenght of time in reaching you.

On behalf of Doris K, her family and myself, we wish to extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to you and staff for the loving care and attention Doris received during her brief but pleasant stay at Hampstead Park.

You hare been extraordinary kind and helpful to me and Doris’ family regarding any matters pertaining to her. It does not escape me that you, at times went above and beyond and I will be forever grateful.

Please relay our sincere thanks to the Administration Staff especially Jackie L, Lynn D, Shela and her staff in Recreation, Angela J in Nursing and to Anna in Housekeeping.

We thank all of the attentive staff on the 3rd floor who attended to Doris’ daily needs. Especially Marlene D who took are of Doris in her later months at HP and did such a beautiful job. In 1989, for her first 4 years, Marlene took care of my late mother Josephine. She is truly an exceptional employee. One who should be duly recognized for her long time service and professionalism.
I don’t say good-bye… because you never know what the future brings.
Until we meet again, GOD BLESS YOU and keep up the good work that you do for Hempstead Park

Please acknowledge this letter to all above and. thank you for a job well done.
My Best to You Always,
Lucille and George G & Doris K